Our sincere appreciation to all those who banded themselves, from time immemorial, to reach out to the lepers, as they were called in the good old days, the Jesuit Priests & the Sisters of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary Congregation who helped in forming SUROL. We wish to refrain from naming them in fear of missing some, in the absence of past records, lest we hurt their feelings. We are also very mindful of those who laboured and did not want any recognition for their noble work in the Lord’s Vineyard. Check out a book of ra online gratis

Rev. Fr. Glen Fernando

someone who worked tirelessly for SUROL

We wish to pay a glowing tribute to Late Rev Fr Glen Fernando who worked tirelessly for over two decades to make SUROL what it is today. He always had a smile on his face and addressed every one of our Beneficiaries by their first names for he had their life stories treasured in his heart. Our good Lord had blessed him with such a charisma that he was able to truly reach out always; everyone who came to him with a heavy heart with a kind word and meet their worldly needs to their heart’s content.

We miss you a lot, Father, your encouraging word, a gentle tap on the shoulder when we were wading through rough seas. Good Bye till we meet again …

May his soul rest in Peace, Amen!

Rev Sr Rudolf Perera

Your service to SUROL will always be remembered

We also wish to pay a special tribute to Rev Sr Rudolf Perera of the Holy Family Sisters who too had been with SUROL well over two decades and ceased her active services with the age catching up. Our Beneficiaries in distant places still recall how they met her at the nearest bus halt to their homes and provided transport – pillion rider on their bicycles and, most of the time, stayed overnight in their ramshackle homes.

The Lord is blessing you immensely, we are certain, for the hard work you put in His Vineyard, with all the comforts you quite rightly deserve. We know you might not be enjoying the comforts for you always wanted to serve the less fortunate with very little care of your self. We, in office, recall our little fights when you wanted to accommodate the entire Beneficiaries’ requests which did not fall within our purview. You are very much in our daily prayers.

The list will not be complete if no mention is made of those who served on the Board of Management who toiled in the background maintaining the accounts and other records, for we today pride ourselves that every cent received had been acknowledged & recorded and audited.