More than ever before, the true spirit of Christmas which is giving and sharing with those in need will become more important this year as Christmas has become a luxury some simply cannot afford.

As we all encounter the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19, this Christmas, we are reminded of the disabled Leprosy affected persons and their families to whom the dangers of the pandemic are magnified, as they are already living in poverty. The pandemic presents added barriers to their lives by depriving them of their most basic human rights such as access to health, employment, housing, nutrition, education, sanitation etc.

In addition to being at greater risk of fatality from COVID-19 due to their compromised immune systems, the economic pressures and prolonged periods of isolation in confined spaces due to social distancing procedures disrupts their social engagements and causes their psychosocial wellbeing to suffer.

Therefore, even during this time of great uncertainty, SUROL’s mission is still to ensure that ALL under our care receive the much-anticipated support at Christmas. Due to curfew and movement restrictions, SUROL may not be able to distribute hampers like previous years. Instead of hampers, SUROL will provide much needed financial assistance to these deserving families.    

Will you help us to have an impact on these poor Leprosy affected families? When they receive your gift of financial assistance, they feel loved and valued. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about? Sharing with those in need? Thank you so much for your help.