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Surol is the only organisation in Sri Lanka functioning over the last 48 years, committed to bringing some ray of hope and happiness to the DISABLED people affected by leprosy. Leprosy is not contagious and if detected early, is curable. Our focus is to bring about RELIEF Island wide. Although set up by priests of the Catholic Church, the two questions which never arise are: What is your race and What is your religion, as SUROL’s mission is to serve mankind; thus taking, anyone and everyone who is disabled because of this disease, under its wing. Beneficiaries – Earlier our beneficiaries received a minimum of Rs.1,250 or more, depending on the amount received from the sponsor, but if the amount was less than this minimum amount, the gap was bridged from the donations received. Fr. Neil following his visits to the Leprosy Affected Persons (LAP’s) recommended that the allowance be increased to Rs.2,000 per month per family with effect from 1st April 2012. This was accepted by the Board and letters were sent out to the benefactors appealing for an increase for the beneficiaries as well as for the cost of running the organisation. Requests by patients this year for an increase to Rs 5,000 per month, because of the high cost of living is now the main priority for Surol and every effort is being made to achieve this goal. Consequently, beneficiaries were persuaded to open Saving Accounts at the nearest banks to receive their monthly allowances. This has a twofold benefit – receipt of funds in a timely manner and more importantly, they get the opportunity to integrate with other bank clients and people around.


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Who We Are
Our Vision

We are committed and dedicated to establishing a society where persons affected by leprosy find themselves acceptable as equal partners with all others in the community and society at large.

Our Mission

Promoting activity for sharing (giving and taking) of available resources which assist the Persons affected by leprosy to uplift and rehabilitate themselves so that they participate effectively in the social and economic life of the community without discrimination due to their links with the disease Leprosy also known as Hansen’s Disease.

Our History

Society for the Upliftment and Rehabilitation of Lepers (SUROL) was founded in 1971 – set up by Fr. Realino Chiriatti and nurtured and brought to what it is today by the late Rev. Fr. Glen Fernando, who passed away on 4th July 2007.

What We Are Doing

We are an organisation that is committed to being of service to leprosy afflicted or post-afflicted persons and their family members and those who are dependents of the primary beneficiary.

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Persons with symptoms of leprosy can visit the closest Base Hospital and seek the assistance of a Doctor for proper identification and treatment…

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