With your generosity, SUROL can make this year’s CHRISTMAS festivities a little brighter for those with Leprosy and their families. Can you sponsor one or two hampers costing Rs. 7,500 each and help us meet SUROL’s goal of reaching out to approximately 300 such families.

This request is only for financial donations and not for specific items unless it is provided to us in bulk. e.g. 300 items of each. With these funds, SUROL could purchase essential food items and clothes so that there is uniformity in the distribution of items.

Each hamper will consist of the following items:

Red Rice – 5kg,                                      Milk Powder – 1 kg,                                         Travelling Bag,
Mysore Dhal – 1kg,                               Sugar – 1 Kg,                                                     Sarong,
Gram – 500g,                                         Tea Leaves – 500g,                                          Chintz,
Green Gram – 500g,                             Biscuit – 2 Pkts,                                                Towel,
Soya Meat – 2 Pkts,                               Bottle of Jam,                                                   Bed Sheet
Canned Fish – 2 Tins,                           and a Cash gift amounting to Rs 3,500/-.